New Music Video is Released!!

Our brand new music video ‘Brittle Glass’ is released world-wide today through Eclipse Records!

It stars one of our fans Johnno who has moves that just can’t be described.. you have to see them to believe them.

Directed and shot by Julian Crupi and Lillye’s own vocalist, Virginia Lillye, the video takes you on a journey through the suburban streets of Sydney with Johnno  displaying his dance moves.

The song is about believing in and being yourself no matter what other people may think. We don’t know anyone who’s a better example of that than Johnno!

Watch the video here..

Album Cover Artwork

Virginia talks about the artwork for the cover of the soon to be released album, Evolve!

After much heckling from the lads, I was given the task of doing the album cover artwork for Lillyes debut full length album, Evolve.

After much contemplation, I came to the conclusion that I should just let my hand draw and see where it would lead me. I wanted to incorporate a feeling of movement with an almost abstract way the world has evolved. Alas.. this was the outcome!

I don’t consider myself to be an ‘artist’ as such but I do enjoy creating with pen, pencil and paint. With every art piece that I do, once something has been placed on paper, canvas, even drum skins, I never erase or delete any component as I feel every stroke is meant to be there.

Excitement is building in the Lillye camp!! ??

Pre order a physical copy here.. we will sign it for you if you wish ?

Lillye – Evolve CD (pre order)

Or if you wish to pre-order a digital copy, you can do so here.
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EVOLVE album reviews have started to roll in!

Our debut album EVOLVE has started getting some reviews! Glad to see people are enjoying what we have created. Feel free to have a read here below.. reviews from Metalheads Forever Magazine, 3 Songs & Out and Grim Readers Reviews.

Thanks so much for the love\m/—Evolve-Album-Review


Video Shoot!

We had an fricken awesome day filming our next clip for the fourth track from our Debut EP, Who I’m Meant To Be! Was a very early start from the crack of dawn right through to sundown.. Hot, dirty and ruggered!! Just the way we like it:)

Lillyè shooting new video clip 1/11/14

Lillyè shooting new video clip 1/11/14




Just 4 days till our EP launch! Come and listen to Matt and Bennet chat with Alive 90.5FM tonight from 7pm about the making of the EP, their favourite influential songs and all the LILLYE shows coming up.. TUNE IN


Tonight.. ALIVE 90.5FM will be playing a track or two from our forthcoming debut EP on The Rocknroll Smorgasbord program. Tune in between 6-9pm and have a listen! You can also listen online:)


Leather and Leopard

The Imperial Hotel’s Leather & Leopard night was a killer!




This is Virginia


“Lillye’s Evolve album is not just a great debut album… it is a freakin’ classic. Just one listen and you are not only hooked on the album but you know that Lillye are a band about to embark on a journey that will make them a household name worldwide.”


“This album is absolutely fantastic!”


“There’s never been a better time for a female fronted band to break into the scene than now; but Lillye aren’t breaking anything, they’re stampeding. There’s no time wasted, no energy waning and certainly no power lost with their debut album Evolve.”


‘If you want to feel like you’d been in a vast wasteland of cracked desert hardpan and then suddenly received a cold slap of fresh mountain water straight in the face, then Evolve is the album to put on your list. Now.’

‘Evolve is an album without a dull moment, a supreme example of modern fiery hard rock from a band that can stand up with the best from anywhere’

‘Lillye has created a freaking epic hard rock album’

“Lillye have proven with this release just why they deserve to be playing with the big names of the rock and metal scene. Not only are they extremely talented musicians, they also know how to write a solid album and anyone who’s been lucky enough to see them live will be able to attest that they are incredible performers to boot!”


‘Lillye boasts an amazingly versatile and powerful vocalist and a band that keeps the energy levels high with powerful performances. Add this together with some memorable songs and a tight production, you have a really good album.’


Lillye have released a very intelligent Rock album…The album comprises 11 tracks, each one is an epic’—Evolve-Album-Review


Matthias Weckmann : Metal Hammer (Germany)

Secret tip from Australia for fans of real girl power! The pipes/ roar from singer and founder Virginia Lillye is impressive: powerful smokey and even in the high section with high volume. The 4 male combatants are weaving a rocky sound carpet in the background on which Lillye completely run riot – when she gets all out of her lung wings on the climaxed, even a tune fork bends over. Great Stuff. Not every song on this (sound wise sonorous/resonant) EP has the potential of the extremely successful song “Under”, but this band should be kept an eye and ear out form not only by fans but definitely record labels as well! Fort he ones that like early Skunk Anansie (and who can deal with some heavier metal emphasis on guitars) has to listen to Lillye! This voice is a force!

Urban ‘Wally’ Wallstrom : Rock United

Lillye from down under (that’s Sydney/Australia) are just about to alert their local government since there’s a wild banshee on the loose. Seriously. The absolutely wicked vocal performance by Virginia Lillye is merely comparable to the Irish battle goddess of, the Morrígan. Soaring killer vocals as she switch from fragile to aggressive in a mere split second. Truly a wild spirit and a messenger from the underworld.

Power and emotion are the key ingredients on their 5-track EP. They have that hard edge rock style ‘ala Skew Siskin meets Paramore meets Saraya, and I noticed that Virginia spent some time in years in Germany performing in stage productions and bands, before returning to Oz. It’s crunchy, guitar fulled angst where the distinctive, almost bewildered voice stand alone between you and certain death. Indeed. In legend, the banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die.

I especially enjoy the tracks, “Under” and “Mistakes”, proper belter performances by Virginia and it’s very much Saraya on steroids. She combines the rough with the smooth and I believe it’s merely a question of finding out if the band are supposed to target the melodic or the cross-over fans? Don’t get me wrong though. Personally I enjoy the slightly twisted stuff such as “Who I’m Meant To Be” and “Tttalk” (really should be titled ‘Wake Up’?). Here’s that voice that Frontiers should employ for their next female fronted project. Recommended.

Gary Grim : SF Media

Any naysayers out there that say “rock is dead” obviously have not heard LILLYE. I have been fortunate enough to see this band live a couple of times since the review I wrote about their single, ‘Under’. These shows coupled with LILLYE’s self titled EP have proven to me that if “rock was dead” then this band has reanimated it’s corpse and charged it with more energy than I have seen, or heard in a long time.

This self-titled EP is a great introduction to LILLYE, the five tracks showcased are an excellent cross section of the band’s range. This is a group that play rock music with a definite hard edge, but without being afraid of incorporating melody and interesting hooks. The riffs can be complicated, epic, or seemingly simple, but effective. This is all backed by a rock solid rhythm section that holds all of these tracks together. The delectable  icing on the cake is the vocal performance provided by fiery front-woman, Virginia Lillye. Her voice is so expressive, so many emotions seem to come through in her performance. She can sound aggressive and pissed off, or she can sound somewhat fragile, moody, and everything in between. At no point, however, do these cathartic expressions effect Virginia’s incredible singing skill, which is what allows her to push the boundaries of rock vocals.

Another great thing about this EP is that the energy of LILLYE’s live performance isn’t lost in the studio. The production on each song is slick and probably more polished than the band’s fierce sound in the live arena, but not so polished that the tracks lose their impact, they still manage to come across as huge.

There is absolutely no filler on this disc, which is great because there is no time to waste; these five tracks seem to fly by and leave you wanting more.  If you haven’t heard LILLYE yet, grab this EP as soon as possible. They are easily one of the best bands in rock music around and they’re only going to get bigger.

Scotty D : Rock Bandom

A purely brilliant 5 Peace female fronted band from Sydney, Australia. Now if you take Heart and Paramore mix them together with heavier rock sounds you get these guys but better, and we mean much better. Vocally supreme, lyrically outstanding and the music is just as good which all in all makes one hell of a cool rock band. Something we feel is needed more in today’s rock scene is more female fronted bands…


Sharon Brookes : Metal Roos

This five track self-titled EP by Sydney bandLillye manages somehow to transcend decades. Rooted firmly by the vocal sound of Virginia Lillye in the ’80s and ’90s, it’s most probably the sharp instrumental ebbs and flows that thrust the music into the here and now.

If you’re a sucker for shredding guitar riffs and hooks that won’t let you go, you’ll love the intros and choruses. If you want atmospheric playing that borders on the gothic, you’ll adore the track ‘Mistakes‘. If you’re a punter who likes your rock quirky, the staccato rhythms of ‘TTTalk‘ will get you in.

The members of Lillye have some pretty serious credentials between them, and the experience shows. We can almost forgive Virginia Lillye for appearing on The Voice when she channels both Nina Gordon from iconic band Veruca Salt and Chrissie Amphlett from Australia’s ownDivinyls. Listen to the first track on the EP ‘Sik of U‘, and the influences of these rock goddesses are undeniable.

There is an aspect of the authentic that this band engenders, and that in itself is refreshing. Lillyeis not trying to force a style, and it certainly seems that these music-makers are the genuine article. Every now and then a band comes along that makes the sounds it loves, and not the insipid excuse for music executives want to hear, and that’s a very worthwhile thing.

  Brian Giffin : Loud Mag

Lillyé has quickly become established as a solid new talent on Sydney’s live rock scene but cutting it in the studio is just as important for any band’s reputation; this CD shows that Lillyé are in no danger of letting themselves down on that score.

‘Sik Of U’ is an immediate warning that some heavy-hitting hard rock is about to go down, yet this is merely a warm up for what is to come, a introduction that is almost immediately eclipsed by what comes next. It isn’t a bad track in itself but everything that follows is simply on another level.

The five piece really hit their stride in the dark menace of ‘Under’ with its slow churning riff and EP centerpiece ‘Mistakes’ nudges a classic Gothenburg metal sound, peaking with some sparkling interplay between Virginia Lillye’s soaring vocals and Andrew Lilley’s lead guitar. This is simply a fantastic track. The remainder of the EP rocks just as hard, a perfect storm of song writing clout, sterling production and pure talent. ‘Who I’m Meant to Be’ is built around a bouncing hook and ‘Tttalk’ features some driving riffs and nifty sticks-work, every song highlighted by the sheer capacity of Lillye’s vocals, a voice that resonates with dark emotion and power. 

Lillyé is the sound of a band staking their claim, and they mean business.

Jesse Bradford : The Metalithic

Lillye are a 5 piece hard-rock band from Sydney with a female voice giving the band some of the most awesome wails and screams. They have just released their debut EP and it’s an incredibly strong first outing, the music has some serious bite and at times reaches back to the 80′s while keeping most of the sounds firmly planted in the here and now, it’s a very interesting mix.

The instruments are played perfectly and are recorded extremely well and are perhaps a little to crisp at times, but they fit really well with the smooth vocals. The songs have some really awesome melodic hooks that really sink deep in your mind, I just know I’ll find myself humming to these songs in the future. The vocals are just immense, every note is sung with such explosive power, Virginia Lillye sure can belt it out. It would be a pleasure to see these guys play live and hear it in person!

While it’s only an EP it gives tremendous value for money with such awesome songs and variety in each track it seems like a much longer album. The more I listen to this album the more I like it, I have a feeling it’s something to do with the hooks and the 80′s feel that makes me enjoy it so much, it’s like a flashback but… not. When I listen to track 3 “Mistakes” the bridge part in that track just absolutely blows my mind, it just has the most incredible melody and a wicked solo… it really shows how fucking good this band is going to be! track 2 “Under” is another truly outstanding track and the one they’ve chosen to use for their video clip and that completely makes sense, it’s an awesome track.

Every track on this EP really stands out on it’s own and it’s hard to believe this is a first effort, Keep up the incredible work guys!


Gary Grim : SF Media

This single is the first exposure I’ve had to Sydney hard rock act LILLYE and, if this is anything to go by, it won’t be my last. To be honest, I am very particular with female vocalists and it takes a rare talent to get me interested. Wendy O Williams from THE PLASMATICS, Doro Pesch, Joan Jett as well as Ann and Nancy Wilson of HEART are just a few of the female rock vocalists I admire.

After hearing this single, I can easily add Virginia Lillye of LILLYE to that list. Musically, the band is great. Tight, heavy, straight forward hard rock with enough great riffs to hold my interest. However, as soon as Virginia’s vocals hit, that voice takes the song to a new level. Each lyric is delivered with just the right amount of power and emotion with some moments in there where her voice just really soars. It left me craving more and frustrated that this single only contains the one song!

As far as introductions, though, LILLYE could not have done a better job. I am hanging to see these guys live now. I am hoping that the Virginia Lillye’s voice is as powerful on the stage as it is in the studio, if not more so, but something tells me I shall not be disappointed.



Lillyè at Q Bar, 5th December 2014

Lillyè at Q Bar, 5th December 2014